Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Chick Agrees with Cherry

I've worked in the hockey world for a long time and I've worked with television media even longer…with that being said, I agree with Don Cherry’s recent statements about women not being allowed in dressing rooms…well, kind of.

I’d take it a step further. NO MEDIA IN THE LOCKER ROOM.

No matter the size of the hockey barn, there are plenty of areas within the building for players and coaches to meet and speak with media members.

Here’s a visual:
Imagine you’re having a party at your home. Friends, and maybe even a few foes, are there to partake in what you have to offer. They chat in your kitchen, they mingle in your dining room, they use your bathroom, and they sit on your living room furniture. All is well and good and all agree there is no reason for them to go in your bedroom. That’s your one private space, even during a gathering.

That’s the locker room…it’s where cursing, yelling, congratulating, consoling, showering, crying, and cheering take place among a team and their coaches. It’s private. It’s meant to be private.

The players and coaches will still be generous with their time and availability. You’ll still be with them as they experience their highs and lows. So please, stop knocking on their bedroom door begging to come in. It’s creepy.

Let’s put to rest this women-in-the-locker-room topic again and keep media equality on the level playing ground that’s located outside of the locker rooms.

P.S. Mr. Cherry,

I’d like a matching dress to go with each of your jackets. Now that’s equality!